Skipper Niklas from Sweden:
"For me the flat-line spool systems are a clever and useful alternative to ropes - they can be cleared away easily, the are compact and always ready to use. When I have guests on my boat I make them use the flat-lines. There is no stumbling over ropes on board. They can be handled without problems - they are fun to use!“

Marco from Palma de Mallorca:
"Since the increase of the harbour dues in Mallorca anchoring in lonely bays has become much more important for us. Our flat-line spool gives us a feeling of safety - once our 15 ton ship was overtaken by a heavy storm during the night. We run out the stern anchor - it took 40 m of line from the spool - and we were safe. We think that the idea of flat-line spools is great and that the spools from EasyRoll are really good.”

Friedhelm from Bremen:
"We like to anchor in lonely bays and often fasten our boat to large rocks, stones or trees. To anchor means always hecticness. Most of the time there is no rope ready for dropping the stern anchor. With flat-line spools on board the stern anchor is always ready to use. Besides, we feel very safe because of the high tensile strength of the flat-line.“

Hans-Peter, Skipper from Bavaria:
"I am very impressed by the durability, the light weight and high flexibility of the flat-line system. When checking the boat I always dreaded to check all the ropes for tear or other damages. With the flat-line spool this is not necessary - the line is quickly checked, rarely or never damaged and light in weight. I use two spools mounted on the railing - one on both sides of the boat. So we have always a line ready for use. That is very reassuring.“